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Ben Shey posted a discussion
I have the APM 2.5. My quadcopter was working fine, but i setup a new radio (dx6i) and now its acting wierd. The loiter mode wont work when i flip the switch (it does register on mission planner). The quadcopter is now very sluggish and drifts to…
Oct 2, 2013
Ben Shey posted a discussion
I have a quadcopter (relatively new) and its doing the weirdest thing. It flies fine, but at completely random times (might be getting worse as the battery depletes) one (probably) of the motors just kind of fires off. By that i mean it makes the…
Jun 28, 2013
Ben Shey posted a discussion
Hi, this is my first post on the forum!One question: Do i need to buy anything specific to connect the minimosd to my pc so i can use the configure program? I dont see any micro usb ports on the board... I saw in the wiki that i cant do it through…
May 9, 2013