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Benewake is a leading provider of LiDAR sensors for drones and robotics. We are happy to share some tech news about obstacle avoidance and altitude holding. web:en.benewake.com email:bw@benewake.com

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Hey Here,We are sincerely looking for the regional agents worldwide. The agents should qualified for the following requirement:1. We have the simiar market and it would be great if you had some potential customers in our LiDARs' main application:…
Aug 16, 2020
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1、Who can participateDevelopers and engineers of drone and robotics 2、Evaluation requirement:Experience in using Benewake LiDAR is preferred;Development hardware and platform, such as drone, robotics and TTL-USB board;Experience in video and…
Apr 22, 2020
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Document descriptionThe barometer, as the main sensor component of flight control altitude measurement at present, meets the needs of fixed altitude in most cases, but its accuracy is not satisfactory, especially in advanced flight, such as…
Aug 12, 2019
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1.             Auto-measuring Instrument for Body Flexion1.1             Application BackgroundSit and reach (as shown in Figure 1.1) is a physical exercise program and a physical fitness test program for Chinese primary and secondary schools. Its…
Aug 2, 2019
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1.Introduction of Traffic flow and Height DetectorThis plan use Benewake company’s product TFmini-Plus combined with Arduino-UNO.The usage:count flowrate and height.Equipment and wires2.1    EquipmentBenewake TFmini-PlusTFmini-Plus detail is on the…
Jul 29, 2019
Benewake posted a discussion
Benewake TF03 LiDAR can directly be connected with the serial port of Pixhawk. TF03 can be used in flight device for the purpose of altitude holding or obstacle avoidance. This document is suitable to Pixhawk adopts ArduCopter V3.6.2 or higher…
Jul 12, 2019