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Windows 10 and Pixhawk problems


I´d say I now have read all threads concerning win10 problems but not one seems like mine.

I´ve recently updated to win10 and have the following problem.

I can connect to my pixhawk via 3DR Radio on mavlink. This is good to get telemetry and para

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Wind speed stable

hey folks,

I´m pretty familiar with copters now and run my own business, but I wanna start a new project with a plane. due to this I have a few questions to the professionals in here concerning wind speeds.

1) What kind of frame should I use to get the

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Compass problems due GPS?

hey guys,

I have a very weird problem with keeping my copter in one direction, but only if i add the external compass. I have to disconnect the I2C cable to avoid that. I calibrated both compasses several times but it seems to work only with my intern

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Pixhawk shoots straiht up

Hello folks,

I installed my new Pixhawk earlier today. I configured everything like i did on the APM before.

I took my octo for a first flight to test all configurations, vibrations and params. as i switched to AltHold mode it hoovered for half a secon

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connection problem after wizard fail

Hello drone enthusiast.

I`m from Austria so please don`t mind my grammar or spelling.

I have a big problem with my APM2.6. after canceling the wizard because i forgot to configure my remote control. I can still update the firmware but then can`t connec

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