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Pixhawk flight log files

My Pixhawk flies level in stable mode and it holds altitude some but could hold it better. But in loiter modes its bad and does not hold. Myself i can't make heads or tails from the graphs except for a bunch of lines so I"m open for any suggestions a

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Pixhawk Left roll

After calibrating the gps and accel several times I still have a left roll on my quad, I run a Taranis tx with a X8R rx on 4S battery. I was told that my compassmot was not set correctly but after several resets it still moves left with the right sti

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Pixhawk altitude "P" pid change

I have been trying to change the "P" in the altitude section but for some reason it will not change. Right now its 1.000 and I was going to change it to 1.2 or 1.3 but when I change the setting and click write parameters it returns back to the 1.000.

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Taranis/Pixhawk Eeprom

Can someone review my eeprom and compare it with their's or another hexa copter and see if its a flyable type program.? I'm kind of new to the Taranis and I would like to know if its a good eeprom. I have built a Tarot 680MM Pro and I'm using a Taran

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Would it be possible to use a Taranis program that was used on a 650MM quad and change it from quad to hexa? Then pick the flight modes from the pixhawk system say (Stable, Loiter and Auto) and make it work this way. I know you would be losing about

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3DR Pixhwk modes

2 questions: what is the "Circle" mode? The other question is does any one have a Taranis Eeprom for a hexacopter that I could use as a standard to program the radio?

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