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Love computers and want to get into RC things.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Just getting interested, started playing with Arduino and saw a link to this site.

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Brad Carter commented on Michael Pursifull's blog post Build Quick Tip: 3DR Frame, Motor Mounting
"The screws worked for me but I was worried they were a little long so I put in a lock washer along with the regular one the kit comes with.
Alan, one thought for you guys is to include one spare of each of the screws, at least the nylon ones.  So…"
Sep 26, 2011
Brad Carter commented on Chris Anderson's blog post ARM Arduino Coming!
"@Scott Plunkett This is exactly how I found DIYDrones and got interested in UAVs and even plain old RC.  I have coded a little bit in Object C and RealBasic.  I came across Arduino and read some sample code and thought, hey I can do that.  Picked up…"
Sep 17, 2011
Brad Carter commented on Peter Koppendorfer's blog post New Micro FPV Kopter
"Is your bumblebee a kit or a DIY?  I'd love to see some more pics if it's DIY,"
Sep 6, 2011
Brad Carter commented on Grips's blog post Thanks to the DIY DRONES Community
"Wow, way past my bedtime reading your thread over at rcgroups.  Congratulations on the build.  I really wanted to build my first one from scratch like you did but finally decided to order a frame to get started.  I was getting frustrated with all…"
Aug 30, 2011
Brad Carter commented on Jeff Taylor's blog post Announcing the ArduCopter 3DR Pre-order
"I've been lurking around for a month now and just ordered the v1 kit with motors a week ago.  Can I use those motors/speed controllers with this frame?  I don't see any reason why I couldn't but figured I'd ask."
Aug 25, 2011