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Brad Cooper replied to Brad Cooper's discussion Galaxy tab 2 (7") DroidPlanner 2 MAVlink error
"I might have to try get a copy of droidplanner 1 and see if that works on my tab 2 7"...I'm surprised there hasn't been more of a reply on this"
May 20, 2014
Brad Cooper replied to Michael Cook's discussion 3dr Telemetry
"I dont understand why people cant answer this question? 
There have been multiple threads created about range of the 3DR radios.. How about people start posting up what ranges they have successfully achieved with said radios?"
May 6, 2014
Brad Cooper replied to Haygood's discussion Offline maps for Mission Planner
"Would love to see if this can be done as well, as I do a lot of flying in remote sites out of phone /net range "
May 5, 2014
Brad Cooper replied to Felix Meissner's discussion using multiple radios at the same time
"What about if I was flying with my friend, we both have ground at actions set up and both using 433 mhz 3dr radios.. Is there any sort of interference? "
May 5, 2014
Brad Cooper posted a discussion
Hi guys, I've only just tried connecting m 3dr radio telemetry system to my Samsung galaxy tab 2 (7") today, and the app loads fine, but upon connecting to my pixhawk telemetry an error appears. I've connected the radio to Th e galaxy by using an…
May 5, 2014