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APM for camera stabilization


I have a APM 1 board 2560 that I used for stabilization of the gimbal until now. It works ok, but only with 1/1 gear factor. If I change the gimbal with other gear factor, for ex; 1/2, the APM undercompesate.

My question is; how can I change the

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YAW problems

Hello. I have a copter in hexa + configuration and I'am running .42 version of the soft.

I made all of the calibration setup including radio setup.

In flight, be very stable, but when I move to the left of Yaw does not respond immediately and when it d

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Motor output 2 doesn't work

Hello everybody. First of all, I apologise for my poor english.

 I read this forums and I decide to build my own copter. My configuration is Hexa +.

I have a APM 2056. I flew it for the first time with 2.0.38 code. Very stabile. Althold OK, but Loiter

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