Sao Jose dos Campos, SP

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

For hobby purposes, to easy my kids learning curve and to help mapping my mother's farm.


Sao Jose dos Campos

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Bruno Porto replied to Petras Litvinas's discussion Battery failsafe failure?
"How much voltage (per cell, LiPo) would be good for a Battery Fail Safe?I did set mine (3S) to 10.5V (so, 3.5v per cell) but the drone come back too soon.... (because the voltage drops while on load....)What voltage per cell would you recommend?…"
Sep 2, 2014
Bruno Porto replied to Bruno Porto's discussion TPS79133DBVR equivalent
"The TPS76933 is EN=Low 

The main difference is that it does not have the BP and have a simpler inner schematics - but at least I could find it to buy around here."
Aug 13, 2014
Bruno Porto replied to Bruno Porto's discussion TPS79133DBVR equivalent
"That is how I found the  TPS76933!!"
Aug 13, 2014
Bruno Porto posted a discussion
I have a APM 2.5.2 (From 3DRobotics) with a burned out TPS79133DBVR 3.3v regulator.But I live in Brazil and I could not find this component here, to buy from the USA it would be too expensive (almost US$ 100 with shipment and taxes......)But…
Aug 12, 2014
Bruno Porto replied to David Leigh's discussion Mission planner 81 & 82 Problems
"Same to me with the "Bad GPS Health"

It showed the first time after the mission planner update.

It is a "new from the box" APM 2.5  original from 3DR."
Oct 14, 2013
Bruno Porto posted a discussion
I am new with APM.I have a Evo10GX gas engine that comes with a cable for RPM telemetry, how could I read this signal with the APM.Can any arduino compatible termometer work with APM to register the engine temperature?Also, the airspeed sensor with…
Sep 26, 2013
Bruno Porto commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Kickstarter project for a "Smart-Pod" UAV pod
"I am building a pod to my Meridian 10CC gas airplane. My objective is to have a convertible airplane - without the pod for more sport fun and with the pod for UAV fun :DAnd I plan do design the pod to be convertible by itself, like this:"
Sep 26, 2013