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Bryan commented on Bryan's blog post Android to Arduino
"No idea yet. The hope is to be able to wireless-ly update waypoints and stream telemetry (video would be awesome too) thru an arduino+xbee to the phone. I'm going for portability."
Jun 16, 2010
Bryan posted a blog post
Found this website just now, and it matches up with my eventual goals. Enjoy and happy hacking.http://www.amarino-toolkit.net/index.php
Jun 15, 2010
Bryan replied to Joel Ryan's discussion UAV object tracking
"GPS and an XBee was my first thought for the beacon."
Jan 16, 2010
Bryan commented on jlcortex's blog post nMine UAV Controller, more hardware options than anybody could need!!!
"I would be interested in a board."
Dec 2, 2009
Bryan commented on Bryan's blog post Airspeed
"Clarence and Chris, there are two ports on the Shield to measure the difference between the pressures. Even if the reading is not a direct comparison, its still comparing the two pressures to a reference, which does the same thing. This looks like a…"
Oct 7, 2009
Bryan commented on Bryan's blog post Airspeed
"And you're correct. Got the compass module up and running in a previous post I believe has since been deleted. Here's the algorithm I made up to get windspeed and direction. Highlighted in yellow is the input from the sensors needed, with red being…"
Oct 4, 2009
Bryan commented on Bryan's blog post Airspeed
"I have a couple aero degrees, this is a first guess so I can get something that's reasonable. Yes, this data will only be accurate mask taped to my car like that. Out in the freestream, it'll still be pretty close, but probably reading a little…"
Oct 4, 2009
Bryan left a comment for Christopher Barnes
"Changed the post a little, I plugged in higher values, and it was a crappy fit (parabolic, started sloping negative). Changed it to linear, but I'll change it back to a better fitting parabolic when I get more data."
Oct 3, 2009
Bryan commented on Bryan's blog post Airspeed
"By using actual data reading straight out of the analog pin and interpolating from there, I think that takes care of the offset. Yes, theoretically the v = sqrt((2dp)/rho), but I'm just making a fit out of experimental data. I doubt the pressure…"
Oct 3, 2009
Bryan posted a blog post
Now onto trying to get the differential pressure sensor to do... something. I have the Ardupilot Shield alone with both 3.3v and 5v attached. Analog 3 on the Shield is connected to analog 0 on an Atmega328. Took some trial and error to get the code…
Oct 3, 2009
Bryan commented on Bryan's blog post Compass, Baro Alt, and Temp Code
"Just working with what I have. I checked the altitude I was getting from the scp1000, compared it against the local altimeter setting and it was spot on. I don't believe higher fidelity is necessary."
Oct 3, 2009
Bryan posted a blog post
If anyone's interested, here's the code I used, slightly modified and spliced from the internet. This is for the SCP1000-D01, with my temperature running about 35 degrees F hot which for now I'm attributing to the heating from the amperage:// define…
Oct 2, 2009
Bryan commented on Bryan's blog post Purchase list
"The XBee modules will come later, not going to put money into it if I can't make the basic aircraft work. The board has analog and digital inputs, and the compass has to be one of those. The winds cannot be calculated without a magnetic compass…"
May 22, 2009
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May 21, 2009