Richmond Hill, GA

About Me:

I'm a Flight Dynamics engineer that works for Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. I love working on Arduino projects and take a great interest in programming, aerospace, and electrical engineering.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

For a few years I've been putting together a small UAV on my own. I find it fascinating to learn all the ins and outs of getting the low level hardware to actually do what you want it to.


Savannah, GA

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Charlie Harrison replied to Jamie Ahmed's discussion Kalman Filtering code for ArduIMU (flat)
"Challenge accepted sir!  The math doesn't scare me.  The processing power is the scary part.  I'll let you all know how it turns out in a month or so."
Oct 27, 2015
Charlie Harrison replied to Daniel Nugent's discussion ArduIMU V3 Magnetometer Calibration???
       I just went through this whole pain to figure out the magnetometer this weekend.  You basically should rotate the device in a circle and plot the values coming off on the X and Y axis.  They will look like sinusoidal sweeps that are…"
Oct 27, 2015