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CEO/CTO of Jamaica UAV Limited. Professional Grade UAV/UAS (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Systems) Services & Solutions for Jamaica & Caribbean.

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Christopher Haddad replied to Dale Greer's discussion Is it really possible to map accurately with a multicopter without GCPs? What about camera attitude uncertainty? in Terrain/Surface Mapping
"It really depends upon what data you want to create or extract as the end results, but generally speaking you will want RTK/GNSS survey grade GCPs.  The more complex the terrain, the more GCP's.    If you are in an area in which you can not get GPS…"
Aug 31, 2015
Christopher Haddad commented on Roger Sollenberger's blog post Introducing 3DR's Aero Fixed-Wing
"Just to share our progress with mounting our Sony Nex7 camera on the 2013 Aero.  We were able to mount the camera (landscape facing), by modifying the fuselage close to the planes CG.  We are having success, and was able to map out 700+ acres in one…"
Oct 27, 2014
Christopher Haddad posted a discussion
Hi All,Looking for some feedback on our setup.We are using this solution for long range remote sensing flights. We have one 3DR 915Mz radio setup with our ground station configured for two way communications with the UAV.  We would like to provide…
Oct 26, 2014
Christopher Haddad commented on Roger Sollenberger's blog post Introducing 3DR's Aero Fixed-Wing
"Hi All,
We are looking to use the 3DR Aero for aerial photogrammetry work.  We currently are using Sony NEX7 with a 16mm lens in our multi-rotors, and the Skywalker X8 airframe  with great success.  

Is there any documentation or mounting hardware…"
Apr 11, 2014
Christopher Haddad replied to Rai's discussion Really need help in the field: Compas Calibration gives lots of points without dancing in ArduCopter User Group
"hi Rai,
We are in the same boat.. we do R&D in Canada, and our UAV/UAS kits are being using in the field in Jamaica.  One big issue we found in Kingston, Jamaica is that you MUST do your compass calibration in a opened field way from any iron, and…"
Mar 5, 2014
Christopher Haddad commented on Jeff Taylor's blog post APM to CHDK Camera Link Tutorial
"Hi Javier, I have the same camera (Sony NEX7), and the TinySnapper (sony model).  I just received my 3DR X8.  I am trying to figure out how to setup the same thing.  I would like to use the UAV for photogrammetry work, using the Mission Planner…"
Jan 25, 2014
Christopher Haddad replied to Rob's discussion APM2.5 serious safety concerns and first flight issues
"Hi All,

Hoping these comments will help make the Arducopter and 3DRobitics a better experience for newbie's coming into this.

I like Rob am a new 3DRobotics Hexa C owner.  I have been flying a DJI Phantom for the past 3 months with great results…"
Mar 31, 2013