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Facebook: Otter Works Alaska 03-2012 returned from 35 day voyage in Aleutian Islands, Alaska USA. Project doing Steller Sea Lion, SSL, data gathering testing UAV platforms: Aireon Scout quadracopter and Airenviroment Puma fixed wing. GoPro Hero2, with and with out lens. Both platforms worked excellent in winds below 25 knots. We also had FAA on voyage evaluating UAS for compatibility in USA airspace. Need to develop platforms, fixed wing, helo, and blimp, capable of gathering science data in winds over 25 knots, the more wind capable, the better. Need to improve camera options, perhaps double the ability of GoPro Hero2. Need to be able to have flight time of at least 40 minutes. Puma closest so far, excellent platform, yet needs to be able to fly in more wind and have better camera. Help! We have a ScanEagle available, yet too big, needs catapult launch, too difficult to recover, and too many persons needed to operate.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I plan to develop, provide and use Drones for gathering data for industry and science in Alaska. I am seeking ideas, support, and technical advise. I intend to develop drones that can fly in extreme weather, high winds, with the largest camera possible. I am familiar with the Puma fixed wing and the Scout quadcopter, both in winds up to 25 knots. Currently using GoPro Hero2, but need better lens or better camera. HELP!


Seward Alaska

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Cy St-Amand left a comment for Curt Olson
"Hi Curt, magnetic issues resolved by placing quad on plastic support 5 feet off of steel deck.  Landing still tricky.  Was a great trip with Gregory and David.  I am now headed out for another 49 days on the R/V Kittiwake, with a pilot helicopter…"
Apr 13, 2012
Cy St-Amand left a comment for Curt Olson
"Hi Curt, yep that's me.  Was a great voyage with Gregory and David.  I sent you a reply a few minutes ago, so this may be a repeat.  Uncertain how this format works yet.  It is great to meet you, Greg discussed your work a bit with me.  "
Apr 13, 2012
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"Nice! Looking forward to updates!  "
Apr 13, 2012