FPV PLane 004

Fiberglass fuselage, Carbon Tail Boom, 84" Wingspan, 360 degree FPV Camera, GoPro HD in nose,

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  • Hi, where I can buy one of this??? thanks!

  • Admin

    Any updates on this?  would like to see any progress on this and the  bigger model you are making

  • Hi i would really really like something like this would u be willing to make one for me for a price? Love the layout and door system AMAZING MODEL! please let me know thanks austin

  • Nice! Looking forward to updates!  

  • Where can one buy the 6lb plolyisocynaurate foam from ?

  • Nice plane! Wish you the best! Hope that I can do as well with my own!
  • Looks very nice. I would be interested to see some photos of the molds that you made for the fuselage. I've been through a similar process manufacturing wind turbine blade plugs, then molds. I can tell you something that will save you many many man-hours of working and many more of itching.  Next time you make a plug, use a 6lb plolyisocynaurate foam and skip the whole glassing the plug step all together. The foam is very workable, yet not fragile.  Once you sand it to shape, you can coat it with duratec or some other surfacing material and make the mold right from there.  As I am sure you can vouch for, sanding fiberglass is about the last thing you want to do more than you have to!
  • Bill,

    I  have only flown it a few times, But so far looks like about 15 min. I think after I get everthing trimmed out and test flights done I should be able to increase flight times. I also have some 8500 mah batteries to try. I was hoping for aleat 30 min, flight times, will see.

  • What kind of flight times are you getting?
  • Bill,

    I am using a Scorpion 32-36 880kv turning a 14x7 prop. Using 3s battery at 5800mah.  Total weight with Gopro camera in nose is 6.5#'s.  I am still testing different prop battery combinations, but the 35-36 appears to work just fine. I probally could go with a little smaller motor but at 6.5# is takes some thrust for hand launching. It appears stall speed may be about 15 mph and can easily cruise around 1/2 stick at about 25 mph.  I am currently building a 96" wing without flaps, and another fuselage trying to get the weight down a little.  But all in all I am pretty happy with the performance.

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