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Oilpan AD335 accelerometer failed?



We have here a Hotel 1.0 oilpan 8/19/2010, on a 2560 APMega.    :>( 

It has worked fine for a few flights on a plane, and have been setting up now in a 450 heli.  It seemed to be working correctly until tonight... 

Have done only a few run ups on the

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Removing apm 2.0 shield

Has anyone removed the shield to allow remote location (for traditional heli)?

Looks like it's possible to desolder the 6 pins (actually only 4 are soldered), and make an extension harness.

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ArduPilotMega / Flightgear simulation on Linux


Just documenting steps to get this set up, so as I don't forget.  Sorry but couldn't find a concise summary to fit my specific desire: do it on linux.      I'll clear this up in the wiki if I could have access to it.


Flightgear works, have that runn

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diydroners in metro Detroit area?

Where do you fly around here?  Wonder if anyone around here meets up fly or work on stuff.

It would be neat if the advanced search in members would allow searching X miles from a zipcode.  So there are 13000 people on here, what's a good way to locate

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em406 GPS with ArduIMU ?

Comment by Doug Weibel on September 11, 2009 at 1:35pm
Will the software have support for the EM406 gps, or will I have tomake the switch now?
I'm wondering this same question, but don't see an answer.  I did put the em406 code from ardupilot into the

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