Seattle, WA

About Me:

Photography turned into Kite Aerial Photography, which turned into Helicopter Aerial Photography, which morphed into Plane Aerial Photography, which evolved into Multirotor Aerial Photography, which means I have a huge pile of electronics, parts, tools, and cameras laying around to support my addiction. : )

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Oh boy. I get the opportunity to do some traveling to some pretty cool places, and I really just want to be have a reliable airframe that gets me the shots I desire. Easily said, not as easily accomplished. I want a compact, high-endurance, portable, camera-carrying, auto-pilot controlled, easily repairable, yet highly reliable craft. That can handle wind, rain, and snow. Long-term, I'd like to work with a team to develop more advanced drones that can navigate low-altitude wire/building/tree/human environments safely and in an adaptive, intelligent manner.