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I am a retired Information Technology administrator who built and flew control line as a kid, radio control as a young adult, and have experienced everything from trainers to scale ducted fans. After many years of being out of the hobby I have decided to get back in. A few years back I saw a Walkera UFO and thought "just how neat is that!" But I procrastinated until I finally got tired of seeing the X-heli commercials on television and broke down and bought a $58 counterrotating Syma S033G. Now don't get me wrong, for $58 its size is pretty impressive, and it flies really well "indoors" in any wind not so much. So it's with this experience that I am entering the world of building my own quad rotor.

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LOS quad and hexacopters for aerial vidography


Yuma Az

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David Brown replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter-3.0.1 released!
"Okay I'll ask this because looking back I haven't seen it asked (at least I didn't see it anyway) using 3.01 RC 1 when flying mission or return to launch the copter isn't turning and pointing towards the waypoint or home location for some reason.…"
Jul 17, 2013
David Brown replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter-3.0.1 released!
"Well I had flown RC1 on both my hex and a HoverThings FPV frame and both flew great. I first went to 3.01 on the HoverThings FPV and it was absolutely un-flyable. Figuring it was just that frame I put it on the hex and while the hex is able to fly…"
Jul 15, 2013
David Brown commented on Jared Reabow's blog post DroidPlanner for Android The best missionplanner alternative! Using Mavlink via cheap usb adapter (Follow me - PIDS - ACC calibration - FREE)
"Well unfortunately my Samsung captivate obviously doesn't provide power over the USB,"
Jun 17, 2013
David Brown replied to Bill Sanford's discussion APM2.5 magnetometer issues on DJI FW550
"I have the same frame and I actually took a mainframe plate from one of my HoverThings HT-450 frames and mounted on 3 inch standoffs above the top plate on the flame wheel. Put the APM 2.5 on it under a witespy dome. This way I can slide the battery…"
May 31, 2013
David Brown commented on Patrick Matschiner's blog post Introducing the Flight Controller Board for Turnigy 9x (and clones)
"I agree with Hugues, I use a stock 9X and I get all 6 flight modes from the 3 position switch split with the gear switch. I've never had a problem and I doubt if I ever will."
May 31, 2013
David Brown commented on Brett Morgan's blog post First flight with GoPro, but hit low-voltage cut-off with the ESCs
"Right on Lars, his battery does seem a little weak I know I run a 4000 MAH 25-50 C 3s for that specific reason. Now of course I've never had his problem, mainly because I'm fairly new at the entire thing myself and getting above 20 or 30 feet really…"
Dec 20, 2012