Being sick about changing the flight modes of APM 2.5 on my Turnigy 9x via rotary pot (which is actually not really practicable), I searched for alternatives to switch.

What are the possibilities ?

1. Buying a rotary Switch for the 9x with presoldered Resistors - 30$ - No Way

2. Buying the Switch and solder the Resistors by myself - maybe 3-5$ - possible but not satisfying

3. Thinking about the Problem and finding a Solution - priceless


So i decided for #3 --> Big Thank to my good friend Direk from BBC (Bavarian Baustel Crew) who is a electrotechnical Crack and his CNC Machine ;)


This is the result:

The Flight Mode Controller Board Alpha 0.1

It's made to fit in the 9x above the Mainboard.


1. Switching Flightmodes via buttons with LED Feedback

2. Adding a I2C to 9x for a Nunchuck Controller

3. Controlling a Pan/Tilt Cam by Gyro (Turning your Head turns the Cam) or Joystick of the Nunchuck

4. Controlling your RC Plane / Drone / Whatever over UMTS or even EDGE (PPM over IP)

5. Integration in 9x Software

6. Mavlink

7. Interfaceing a brushless Gimbal (actually i have to add some Motor Drivers)

8 ...



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  • where can I get one of these boards?

  • @mark, i am an old school r/c pilot and up till now I have been flying with a Multiplex MC 3030 for the last 20 years. It used to be the first uC controlled r/c transmitter with an LCD display. The software is very well thought out, it has only 4 menus:

    - input configuration (expo/diff/power curve/etc.)

    - stick to servo(s) config or stick to mixer config (everything is freely configurable)

    - output configuration on every channel (expo/diff/mixers/power curve, etc)

    - mixer configuration

    This concept makes it possible to control everything from blimp, cars, boats to helicopters.

    I am now looking to replace it, probably with another multiplex pro-line t/x. They can be pretty expensive but it served me the last 20 years, quality has it's price ... not sure if their software is still so well abstracted.



    PS: some people were unhappy with this concept because it was too abstract and didn't give and presets for known configurations.

  • Yeah I'm very happy with ER9x and use the combination of the 2 and 3 position switch for flight modes. No lack of configurability or flexibility at all.

  • I agree with Hugues, I use a stock 9X and I get all 6 flight modes from the 3 position switch split with the gear switch. I've never had a problem and I doubt if I ever will.

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    @Simon, what transmitter did you have in mind?  Software-wise at least, the 9x with er9x or open9x is about as flexible as can be imagined, at least in my (limited) knowledge of transmitters.

  • Nice, love to see a video of this in action. I kinda like doing it with open9x and voice and the 6-pos rotary. But to each his own. Thats what I love about these 9x's, so hackable!


  • Really nice ;)

  • There is even a 5th option: buying a flexible/configurable/extensible transmitter (no offense).

  • That's true, but it wasn't practicable for me.

    My Solution right now has one 4 bit DAC (which is good for up to 16 Flightmodes) and two 8 bit DAC

  • MR60

    There is a fourth solution that everybidy uses most : using the combination of a two pos switch with the three pos switch. That is out of the box in the stock T9X, to configure 6 modes for APM.

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