Burlington, Ontario

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Long history with RC planes & helicopters. Licenced Amateur Radio operator. Currently building an EasyStar & a quadcopter, with APM 2.0 & 2.5


Burlington, Ontario

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David Harvey commented on Bryan Galusha's blog post iOS Groundstation on indiegogo
"2 questions:

1. Is this compatible with the 3DR radios? Is it just the transmitter piece to be used with a 3DR receiver on the drone, or does your project have both transmitter & receiver?

2. Is there a technical reason that prevents you from…"
Mar 28, 2013
David Harvey replied to David Harvey's discussion Possibly faulty barometer component in APM 2.5
"It looks like the component is ok. I erased the EEPROM, reloaded the firmware, and now the readings are correct again. Glad it's not a hardware problem, so I don't have to send in my APM. Would still like to find out what caused the issue, however."
Feb 24, 2013
David Harvey posted a discussion
Is there any way I can test the barometer component?My APM 2.5 was working well until yesterday, when the barometer altitude began reading -22 million meters. The GPS altitude is correct.I've not changed anything major, and not had any serious…
Feb 11, 2013
David Harvey posted a discussion
Running 2.9.1 on an APM 2.5 3DR quad. GPS has 3D fix, but the altitude is showing -70 million feet. The APM is in a 3DR case, with the foam insert to cover the barometer.Flies fine in stabilize mode, but not in Alt hold, loiter, etc. This is new…
Feb 10, 2013
David Harvey commented on Chris Anderson's blog post The $200,000 toy heli
"I found some specs for this. Up to 25 minute endurance, 1 km range, speed 22 kmh, can operate in 10-15 knot winds, 3 cameras with tilt/zoom, autopilot capable of autonomous flight, failsafe RTL function. Telemetry & video link (which I suspect is…"
Feb 5, 2013
David Harvey replied to Jared Reabow's discussion Idea for ultra long flight times on octocopters and more!
"Not yet available, but a new rotary design might make this feasible. Their prototype is 10 kg, and generates 5kW of power. They're planning to scale it down for various power requirements. Might be one to watch:…"
Jan 16, 2013
David Harvey posted a discussion
This is a question directed at Chris Anderson, which I wanted to ask him in his Reddit AMA, but I missed it. However, I'd welcome the views of others as well:I saw Chris speak at Maker Faire New York. One of the things he said about his decision to…
Dec 13, 2012