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Erik J commented on Andrew Ocejo's blog post DIY HDMI video Downlink for under $300
"@John Rambo it's all about adding latencies, I get ~76ms +/- 18ms, the ip to mjpeg converter I found had a 33ms latency.
Play with numbers here:
Mar 7, 2016
Erik J commented on Thomas J Coyle III's blog post Swarming robot boats demonstrate self-learning
"The research paper and code is worth a read, I like the engineering minutia they bring up (could be more I guess) https://github.com/BioMachinesLab/drones but that hasn't been touch in a while though... So I wonder if they are going to run something…"
Feb 5, 2016
Erik J commented on Randy's blog post My UAV helicopter (which can't fly)
"IR beacons, or are there any other ways to navigate with out using compass and GPS?"
Jun 6, 2009
Erik J commented on Michal B's blog post ArduPilot + Smartphone autopilot design
"There are people using Openmoko as robotics brain on a boat. He is using the old H/W the new version has a devboard that breaks out lots of usefull stoff for you, though it's very expensive

I've heared in that project they are moving away from…"
Mar 3, 2009