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Garbage from Serial?

I just got around to testing out my hardware after I got my frame assembled for my quad. I unplugged everything then plugged the USB cable in to both the ArduPilot2560 + Oilpan and my computer. The driver installed just fine (Windows 7 x64) and came

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ArduCopter Carrier Board Layout

I am going to send up a Chumby Hacker Board so I designed a bit larger main plate and carrier board to fit the CHB a bit better. With this larger carrier board, I can fit more "stuff" on it. Does anyone see any potential problems with this layout? I

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Adding a second telemetry connection

I am planning to make a VTOL with a Chumby on board to perform some environmental calculations that the APM cannot do at the moment. This will require the drone to hover for awhile while to do this. I do not know the locations that will require the V

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Choosing Motors and Props

I'm a pretty decent programmer and good with electronics, but I don't know much about R/C airplanes or aviation. I want to work on a VTOL similar to The SCORPID-500 UAV. Does anyone know of some good reads on choosing motors and props? I downloaded t

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