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FAA claims the moon.


Forget about the FAA - drones controversy. Now the FAA claims the control over the Moon landings.

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has caused a bit of stir by hinting that it plans to expand its authority to include exploration of the moon and the use of its resources. News agency Reuters has reported that it has obtained a copy of a letter composed by officials with the agency and sent to U.S. based Bigelow Airspace—in it, the agency said it plans to leverage its launching authority by adding licensing authority of moon assets—all to encourage private companies to invest in such activities. The reason such a move has caused a stir, of course, is because it appears that the U.S. agency is attempting to expand its oversight into an area where it does not have the authority to do so.

Read more at: FAA control of moon landings

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In the past 2 years we have been monitoring the Steller's Sea Eagles nests in remote regions of Siberia. Arducopter and Naza-based foldable quads were used. Be believed that this was the first (2012) successful deployment of the UAV for conservation of eagles in the world, which lead to a publication.

Usage of quads demonstrated a significant decrease of disturbance during nest surveys. Total time needed went down from 40-60 mins (climbing) to 3-4 mins (UAV flight in canopies). Flights were performed with the spotter and FPV equipment.

We have published a paper on the practicalities of usage of the quads in remote regions (no electricity, no roads, no computers) here (bilingual):


The activity was publicized on the Russian National TV (Sorry, Russian only)

Currently the Magadan State Nature Reserve is going to purchase long-distance fixed wing UAV to monitor bears and ungulates. Huge contrast to the USA ban on drones in National Parks.

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