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Gaia replied to Gaia's discussion Why does the AHRS/DCM limit the pitch to -90 to +90 degrees?

Thank you for the fast reply. That was a really good explanation--all I needed to know.

Jul 11, 2015
Gaia posted a discussion
Exactly as in the title, why does the AHRS/DCM limit the pitch to -90 to +90 degrees?I'd much prefer -180 to +180 like the roll and yaw.Thanks
Jul 11, 2015
Gaia replied to Ozy's discussion Sensor Values are drifting
"I am also curious about this. I ran a similar test on an APM 2.5...my yaw drift was about 0.45 degrees per second....this is using the Arducopter AP_InertialSensor libraries.

I remember using a standalone MPU6050 with an Arduino once using the…"
Jun 20, 2015