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Gary Vaughan replied to Dr Mike Black's discussion Failsafe - The sweet taste of success and the bitter taste of distruction!!!
"I have an old u-blox module with I fried with a good antenna on it. If you would e-mail me a ship to address I would be glad to stick a postage stamp and label on it, send it n/c and wish you good luck on recovering some good parts off of it. It…"
Nov 23, 2009
Gary Vaughan commented on Chris Anderson's blog post DIY Drones uBlox modules now available!
"do i need to disconnect the interface while it is siting around to save the battery?"
Sep 9, 2009
Gary Vaughan commented on Chris Anderson's blog post DIY Drones uBlox modules now available!
"Just received mine yesterday even with the holiday it arrived 3 day priority mail ( great service). I had previously bought one from sparkfun and assembled it but I had the wrong pin connected and accidentally fried it with 5v. this one has the batt…"
Sep 9, 2009
Gary Vaughan replied to Aaron Buckner's discussion Can I use this transmitter/reciever? E-Flite LP5DSM + AR6100e?
"I have the same combonation. I would like to try it with my f-18 but dont know what the limit is on the range so I was thinking about enabling the failsafe code with the atiny built in to the ardupilot just in case. As far as the controlls on the…"
Aug 30, 2009
Gary Vaughan commented on Fred Forbes's blog post Ardupilot roll functional flow diagram
"I get more from the flow chart than I do from the code. I am a licensed pilot and an instrumentation tech so it just makes better sense to me as is. I would like to add a feed-forward loop to change the elevator aileron mix loop in the code to add…"
Jul 29, 2009
Gary Vaughan replied to Gerber's discussion Xbee Pro 900
"I connected my ftdi cable wrong once to my ardupilot board and this caused it to malfunction temporarily. After unpluging it, re-booting to re-load the drivers and re-connecting to the usb connection everything was back to normal for me.

Good luck…"
Jul 25, 2009
Gary Vaughan posted a discussion
since the gps satellites cary time info could I add routines to the waypoint software to modulate the throttle to speed up or slow down and be on time one behind the other. It could have a trigger off the input from the radio to begin eta calcs and…
Apr 11, 2009