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voltage adjust

hi all, after been using my APM2 board configured as a Quad-X configuration for a couple of days, i decided to add the voltage/current board that i´ve purchased from sparkfun and conected it as stated in the instructions in the Wiki area, selection w

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EasyGlider - another concept

Hi all, just wanted to share some pictures of my new plane and my own concept for the Easyglider, being my first approach to the foam materials i though i would give it a try and implement a new design for this type of planes.

So i put my hands on the

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Scratch built Ardupilot

Hi guys, i´ve been reading everything i could find about autopilot setups, and i noticed most people got their board already assembled, well i got one too and didn´t receive it yet..... but then i decided why not build a new Ardu-board with the stuff

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Replacing thermo sensors

Hi guys, well i´ve been thinking about the replacement of my FMA thermo sensors by 2 axis gyro unit(with code implemented for noise filtering) for my OSD wich gives me a pitch & roll visual indication for flying my UAV trainer, anyone here that a

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