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Gordon Freeman replied to CI's discussion Skid Steer Setup in ArduRover User Group
"I ended up using a regular "quad" firmware. Then I hooked up just my 2 ESCs/motors/fans (1 CW, 1 CCW) to only 2 of the APM motor outs. I forget the order as it took some experimenting to get the right reaction for yaw. It worked but the craft didn't…"
Aug 11, 2017
Gordon Freeman replied to CI's discussion Skid Steer Setup in ArduRover User Group
"I'm trying to make a dual motor/prop ground hovercraft (not exactly, but basically). I'm pretty sure I want "tank/skid steer controls"
I would prefer to use a standard ground radio, but can't seem to figure out the mixing, so I'm using my regular…"
Jun 28, 2017
Gordon Freeman replied to Gordon Freeman's discussion How to build "race cars" that all perform exactly the same.
"No progress, just a thought experiment right now.

What I would like to accomplish is a racing class that anybody can compete in for cheap. Oddly this is focused more on the "stock" type classes as they are more driver friendly but not wallet…"
Jun 23, 2017
Gordon Freeman posted a discussion
This quad has worked fine, but would act flakey sometimes too. I thought I had narrowed it down to the cheap hobby king camera generating noise. I wrapped it in copper and things seemed to be working good.I had been doing some small auto missions,…
Oct 30, 2015
Gordon Freeman posted a discussion
Would it be possible to program a flight controller to limit all the accelerations of a car so that all the cars would have the same ability?Say car A can turn corners at 1.1 GSay car B can turn corners at 1.0 GCan I program a controller to limit…
Jun 20, 2015
Gordon Freeman replied to Dave C's discussion Warning! Camera Interfering with GPS lock
"I was wondering why sometimes my GPS was fine and sometimes it would not arm. I finally guessed it was related to whether or not the HK720 camera was on or off, sure enough. Must be a very noisy camera. I may experiment with aluminum foil and moving…"
May 28, 2015