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Trex 500 Parameters

I was hoping someone in the traditional heli forum could share their current parameters file (flying 3.2.7) if they have a Trex 500 in flybarless configuration and are happy with the transition and hover in stablize mode.

As this is my first trex 500

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Problem with RC Channel Mapping

Hi Everyone,

I have not posted here before and have been building a Trex 500 Flybarless (new 500L rotor head) as a testbed for the tradtional branch of APM.  After loading the correct firmware (V3.2.1) in the APM2 Planner, I went to calibrate the radi

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Alternative Multicopter Autopilots

Firstly let me caveat, this discussion is not intended to be critical in anyway of APM. APM has moved ahead in strides and I acknowledge the great work of the developers and contributors in this forum.At the moment I am looking to get constructive fe

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Octocopter Frames Kits

I have been flying an arducopter quad for a while now and want to build an octocopter next to provide a more reliable platform for a better camera. I am hoping some of you could recommend a good frame kit or share your octocopter build details. I hav

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3DR 915MHz Air Module Versions

I recently dropped a line to the DIYDrones store folks when I noticed that images posted for the 915Mhz Air module in the store are different to the ones in the documentation and also picture shown of this module in the 3DR Telemetry kit.  I am mainl

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Sonar Noise Reduction update

 I have read the arducopter manual and also reviewed some of the earlier forum posts and initially moved my sonar sensor (recommended Maxbotix) 3" away from the main electronics but still see too much noise for the sonar to work in Alt Hold properly,

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BAD Motors

I have had no end of trouble with the 880Kv motors from jDrones, these past few months, and want to know if anyone else is having similar issues.  I would not normally bring up a topic on a particular supplier part but these are one of the recommende

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Arducopter Wiring

Folks  I finished re-wiring my arducopter last weekend and just wanted to share a photo as I am particularly pleased with the final routing scheme.  This may be how everybody has done this but who knows perhaps it may help someone with their first bu

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Motor Failure on First Flight

I was hoping this first flight post was going to be something to celebrate after many weeks of testing to ensure I had all the calibration and IMU feedbacks correct.  However as I hope you can see in the video I lost the right motor which caused my q

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APM2560 support of Arducopter codes

I am relatively new to this forum so please excuse me if I have missed an important thread on this topic.  I have spent some time reading various forum articles and just want to check if I have the correct information before settling on an initial co

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