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Crash on maiden flight- need help

Well, I should have taken the advice of, pretty much everybody, and built a simpler model as my first build. But I didn't... I jumped right in and built a DYS D800 X8, and a Tarot X6 at the same time. I took the D800 X8 out yesterday for her maiden f

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Corridor scan in UgCS

I am a new user to UgCS. I really need to be able to do a corridor scan where I define a path (like a power line or a pipeline or a railroad line) and have the flight paths created automatically based on my camera parameters/GSD. QGroundControl has t

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Where can I find Iris+ motors?

I crashed my Iris+ into my right hand. Broken motor. 15 stitches in right hand. Where can I find replacement motors, and could anyone provide me a link for a guide for replacing the motor. I'm looking for a back left (as you are looking at the LED, C

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Yaw and gimbal control during mission?

It's going to be a few days before I can fly again, so I thought I would just ask now. Is it possible to manually control the copter yaw, and camera gimbal tilt during a simple point A to point B mission? I'm not seeing any information on this after

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Record waypoints from a current flight?

Hi y'all,

Could someone please explain if it's possible to record/save waypoints from a manual flight. I live in a pretty hilly place with lots of trees. Planning a mission using Tower is a joy over open land, but I'm having a hard time planning a mis

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