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Process-Engineer 45 years old Living in Switzerland

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Assembling copters Filming and Photography 16 copters (5 APMs, 4 Pixhawks, 1 Fixhawk, 1 A2, 5 Nazas)



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Harald Schmid replied to al's discussion What do the numbers 550 or 650 refer to in quadcopters?
" I"
May 18, 2019
Harald Schmid replied to Luke Dillon's discussion Pixhawk esc calibration and low avionics voltage
"4.8V are pretty enough to have a stable operation of pixhawk. See here: 
i run one of my Copters with stable 4.6V without any issues (i.e. brownout).
powering the cheap China…"
May 17, 2019
Harald Schmid replied to David B Bitton's discussion What is The Smallest ArduCopter Capable Flight Controller
"I fried also once a 4in1. Since then I use an additional capacitor on the power inlet pads 1000uF. Especiall if using 6S the voltage Spikes can destroy the esc. Never had issues afterwards. There are a lot of informations available in youtube i.e.…"
May 17, 2019
Harald Schmid replied to ThatJoshGuy's discussion Pixhawk BAD ACCEL HEALTH APM 3.2 - collecting data

I had also the accel health issue with 1 original Pixhawk and a clone as discribed in that threat.
Since I use an antispark plug on plus pole (waiting for about 5secs untill complete plugin) I haven't had this issue anymore with around 15…"
Jan 21, 2015