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Trialling drone use for forest mapping in Sumatra, Indonesia.



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Harapan replied to John's discussion Droneshare
"Yes, can't upload my Rlog. Is there something wrong with the file? (Attached here?). 2014-08-06 08-35-39.rlog"
Aug 6, 2014
Harapan replied to Harapan's discussion Crash! Can you help me find out the reason?
Since the crash we have found that the rudder servo is not working, and we are replacing. However with the tlog you can clearly see that it was working during its last mission up until the crash, so we've ruled this out as a possible…"
Apr 25, 2014
Harapan replied to Alfie's discussion New mission planner compass calibration
"I found exactly the same thing - Terminal has disappeared, along with other menus which used to be visible from the 'quick' section of Flight data."
Apr 22, 2014
Harapan replied to Harapan's discussion Crash! Can you help me find out the reason?
"Sorry, we can't find the .log file, only the .tlog, .rlog, .bin, .tlog.kmz, and PARAM file.

Could the issue be similar to this one?: http://ardupilot.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=44&t=6117

The activity of this UAV preceding its crash sounds very…"
Apr 20, 2014
Harapan posted a discussion
Hello allYesterday, after one previous successful mission, our MAJA drone crashed after acting very strangely, and contrary to the mission which we had planned and uploaded.We have tried to do some analysis of the log files, and so know that these…
Apr 20, 2014
Harapan replied to Harapan's discussion Autopilot - second test, plane flies in wrong direction
"Hi James

Thanks for pointing this out - we hadn't noticed. A bit worrying, but actually at the points that it lost GPS (around WP 4) it still travelled in the correct direction and we had no problems.

The part of the mission that we were worried…"
Mar 20, 2014
Harapan posted a discussion
Two successful flights with drone (plane) today, but the second flight (with the exact same waypoints/set up as the first flight) was a little strange...Almost as soon as the drone was launched it banked right and started trying to fly in the wrong…
Mar 20, 2014
Harapan replied to Harapan's discussion Newbies - MAJA - no power to prop? in ArduPlane User Group
"We're not in a populated area - trying to map forest. Little RC experience, hoping to do most work with autopilot.

Update: we've managed to get the throttle working now, but another potential issue has arisen; 

We've set the RC control to Auto,…"
Feb 27, 2014
Harapan posted a discussion in ArduPlane User Group
HelloHaving a problem with a MAJA drone – we’re using APM planner 2.Still learning, so sorry for lack of technical info… Yesterday we tried to upload a parameter file (optimized for carrying camera load) and get the drone through all pre-flight…
Feb 27, 2014