New mission planner compass calibration

I have been unable to successfully perform a compass calibration since the latest update of mission planner. Each time I try, I get a message stating words to the effect "data not collected for all directions"When I attempt the calibration, I end up with a sphere of colored dots, an everything appears to be working normally. I have tried both the "compass dance" and Randy's technique but so far no success.Anyone else experiencing this?

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  • Is it just me or should the motor calibration gui in MP be interactive and plot the mag interference as you raise the throttle. I clicked on START, slowly raised the throttle to 50% and hold for 5 then a click down to nothing and the graph never jumps ?

    When i did it the old fashioned way via the terminal i get a compassmot of about 1ish% with no props but still i expected something on the graph.

    • It may only be working with Arducopter 3.2.  I remember trying it a couple weeks ago and it did nothing (using the page you described). I just put 3.2dev on my copter and now it works and updates live.

      Just for clarification for anyone that reads your post.... a compassmot without props is not useful since it will not draw the same amount of current with props, which is what induces the compass error and determines the compensation values.

      • I apologise if this is a bit off topic.

        My mission planner just updated to version 1.3.0.

        Now, I do not have a "Terminal" icon in the upper tool bar area.

        I am new to MP and the whole APM thing (getting up to speed quickly though).

        Am I just not looking for the obviuos?


        • I found exactly the same thing - Terminal has disappeared, along with other menus which used to be visible from the 'quick' section of Flight data.

          • I'm told there is provision to select "advanced menu" or similar and an expanded list of options will display.
            • I cannot see any "Advanced Menu" selection. Unless it is hidden with the Terminal selection..LOL.

              Right clicking on the top tool bar just opens 2 options to select:

              Auto Hide    and   Full Screen

              • Under the Config/Tuning tab, bottom right, check "advanced".

                That also will bring back some of the tabs in Flight Data.

                • Aha, that did it. Thanks.......

  • Developer

    What we have now is a much more comprehensive compass calibration with feedback so you can see the directions that you have pointed the vehicle.  Spin the sphere around and make sure you have coverage in all quadrants.

    • Do you need to be outside away from buildings and metal or can you do it inside? I tried at the field but it was too tough to see the screen.

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