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Owner of an HBK2 and a few Arduinos and lots of crappy RC stuff.....



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JAy posted discussions in ArduRover User Group
Feb 4, 2013
JAy replied to JAy's discussion Power Module configuration and settings in MP. in ArduRover User Group
"Tnx Ben !"
Feb 4, 2013
JAy replied to Linus's discussion Loading APMrover2 software with Arduino in ArduRover User Group
"Tnx, it helped to load the new FW !"
Feb 2, 2013
JAy replied to Thomas J Coyle III's discussion Configuring the ArduRover with the Mission Planner in ArduRover User Group
I'm new to this and I am setting up an Arducopter, but to get the hang of it I'm doing a Rover....

And for the moment I feel like throwing all out by the window. Mission planner is driving me crazy !

I have finally found the Rover Firmware…"
Feb 2, 2013