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Janis Dzerve replied to Luke's discussion Matching Elevation Sources in UgCS
After looking at the first file you sent It does look that all you need is to add altitude offset to match the default terrain.
Unfortunately I cannot guide you through pix4d settings as I do not have experience with it and trial version does…"
Aug 30, 2018
Janis Dzerve replied to Tom Hallman's discussion UgCS with 3DR Solo? in UgCS
You can try to connect it via UDP over wifi and it should work, but it is not officially supported by UgCS.
Add these lines to the vsm-adrupilot.conf and restart the VSM:
vehicle.ardupilot.udp.1.udp_local_port =…"
Jan 17, 2017
Janis Dzerve replied to Peng Cheng's discussion How to add a non emulated quad/plane/SITL? in UgCS
"1. On VSM config.
Add two lines to vsm-ardupilot.conf:
vehicle.ardupilot.tcp.2.address =
vehicle.ardupilot.tcp.2.tcp_port = 5762
If you are running the simulator on other host or virtual machine then substitute the with the ip of…"
Dec 27, 2016
Janis Dzerve replied to CyberFreakTeam's discussion UGCS UDP form APM: Arducopter with Rpi2 Erlebrain 2 in UgCS
For UDP to work UgCS requires a separate config entry for each vehicle in vsm-ardupilot.conf.
Given the following network setup:
Host running UgCS:
IP of Vehicle1:
IP of Vehicle2:

Dec 19, 2016
Janis Dzerve replied to Gary Epstein's discussion Connecting UgCS to ArduPilot with UDP and MAVProxy in UgCS
Thanks for your interest.
It is possible to make mavproxy+UDP to work with UgCS but it is somewhat involved.
UgCS can connect to autopilot via UDP only if you know the remote address and UDP port of the vehicle (or mavproxy) in advance and…"
Dec 19, 2016
Janis Dzerve replied to Robert Matthews's discussion Exceeding waypoint limit with DJI A2 in UgCS

A2 will not accept more than 50 waypoints.
There is a feature in UgCS which allows you to overcome this limitation by uploading partial route. It involves manual route upload in the middle of the mission. You should decide if that can work for…"
Nov 9, 2016