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Y6 Crash (Request Log Review)

Finished my y6 kit this past weekend, have been having some fun flying it for the last few days. This is my 6th flight or so. But it ended in mild disaster. After flying it around for a bit, I was flying it down low about 6ft off the ground and 15 fe

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Connecting 3DR ublox LEA6 module via USB

I've been having trouble getting a fix with my LEA6 module so I'm going to try to hook it up to the computer via usb (thats what the headers are for on the top side right?). So I've choped an old printer cord and and downloaded u-center 7 but after s

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Long GPS Fix Time (Ublox LEA6)

So i recently purchased the ublox LEA6 gps from 3DR, I am having a really tough time getting a GPS lock. I have it hooked up to a battery and esc, sitting outside with an unobstructed view of the sky. It's been over an hour and still no lock. I live

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