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An avid quadrocopter enthusiast! Interest mainly in aerial photography and FPV.


San Antonio, TX

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Jim Solinski commented on Roger Sollenberger's blog post The Tale of BeaglePilot: The world’s first Linux-based autopilot
Yep.  The Paparazzi and the newer Lisa/M and Linux variants have been around for over 10 years. 
The Paparazzi Gents have already ported to the A.R.Drone.  There is a Paparazzi forum here on DIYD too.
...Maybe they could help...;) ...or more…"
Jun 5, 2014
Jim Solinski commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post T3 season two, the multirotor one.
"Hi All,
  It is now 4 days since this neato contest ended.  Who won?;)
Apr 18, 2013
Jim Solinski commented on Max Levine's blog post The easiest way to mount APM2 on ArduCopter.
"This a similar idea to the FeiYu Tech suspension mount.  That was fine for their gyro only FY20A because the vibrations are less of an issue for those sensors, but it gave problems to many who used it on their modules that used accelerometers to…"
Jan 25, 2012
Jim Solinski posted a blog post
>Cheers,JimQuadrocopter and Tricopter Mega Link Index
Oct 31, 2010
Jim Solinski replied to Chris Anderson's discussion Which Quadcopter should we adopt?
"Hi Chris,
I have been flying quadrocopters and doing impovement mods to various quads including the XUFO, X-BL/Funpilot, Experimental brushless Draganflyer, UAVP and Mikrokopter v1-1.3 for the last 7 years. For the last year, I have been helping…"
Apr 22, 2010
Jim Solinski posted a discussion
I have put togther and am continuously updating an index to help folks get through the mountains of info on Quadrocopters and Tricopters. Quadrocopter and Tricopter Mega Link Index: www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1097355 Hope that…
Mar 9, 2010
Jim Solinski replied to Victor's discussion UAVP Problems
"Hi Victor and All,
It has been almost two years since you last posted, but I thought I would give you an update on the current UAVP open source project that was generously started by Dr Wolfgang Mahringer. It is still alive and has taken on new life…"
Mar 9, 2010
Jim Solinski left a comment for Laurie Purkey
"Hi Laurie.
Fancy meeting you here!
Jan 26, 2010
Jim Solinski posted a photo
UAVP jesolins
Apr 26, 2009