About Me:

Served with Strategic Air Command; Vietnam era. Worked in aerospace/aviation in the 1980's, after which I did commercial photography. Currently semi-disabled/retired.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Primarily interested in multi-rotor. Looking to do droneography. Wanting to find a way to supplement my Social Security income, whether by flying or tech development of new products.


Greenville, SC

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Johnny W. Brewer replied to Johnny W. Brewer's discussion Question about dihedral.
"Hmmm... OK, I get the stable hovering, but I think the "bad" for maneuverability may prove a matter of taste more than a hard technical problem. At least my rudimentary understanding of the physics involved seems to point to that. From what I've…"
Mar 24, 2015
Johnny W. Brewer posted a discussion
I'm new to UAV's, but have been researching enough to see that there are a multiplicity of designs available. One item I've come across is dihedral quad/hex/octo frames, where the motors are tilted inboard slightly, thus vectoring the thrust…
Mar 24, 2015
Johnny W. Brewer replied to Daniele Ferraretto's discussion Development of a spray system on a Cinestar8 octocopter
"A very intriguing project. Where are you at with it currently?"
Mar 24, 2015
Johnny W. Brewer replied to Joe Hobbs's discussion Can someone help me get my 3dr quadcopter off the ground?
"Did you check your motor rotation? As I understand it, two rotate CW and the other two CCW."
Mar 24, 2015