Empire, MI

About Me:

Machine Vision software developer (professional) Missile guidance experience. Long time RC builder and pilot.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Use machine vision (processing video) for guidance, targeting, and landscape capture, vehicle dynamic model capture, extreme maneuvers. Want to develop platform (or augment a platform) that does vehicle modeling, sensor fusion, and guidance in an object oriented manner using sigma components (the way the big boys do it).



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Judson Nichols replied to Brett Glossop's discussion Photos with APM - issues, tweaks, advice and more
"I've been working on eliminating vibration at its source: the motor and propeller.
I carefully balance my propellers.
For electric motors you can also balance the motor or
shut the motor off during picture taking.
I'm also working on a brushless…"
Apr 18, 2012