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Plane 3.4: rc problem

During rc calibration, it shows that the rc bars move with stick input. However, the control surfaces don't move. For some reason I can't get the surfaces to respond to any inputs. Please let me know what I am doing wrong. This is a fresh install of

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PLANE: Throttle cuts out in a pattern

PLANE: 3.4 problems

i have been trying to get plane going for a long time and keep having the same problem. i fly in manual mode so it isnt a problem with flight control. the throttle acts as though the signal is intermittent. half second on, half sec

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Orange openlrsng to pixhawk rssi

I'm trying to figure out the trick for connecting rssi from the Orange rx to pixhawk. The connection is easy enough. It's only one cable. The problem is the rxrssi in mission planner bounces up and down by 50%. I've tried to read what I can but opini

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Simulation: how to

It appears that the wiki page is either out of date or I'm not smart enough to figure it out. The directions for HIL and SIL simulations don't seem to work. I'm also running into an issue where my remote is not recognized when HIL firmware is install

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Apm cables: how long is too long?

I am currently flying the Ranger EX. I would like to get the telemetry and GPS out onto the wings. I don't know if longer cables are commercially available or not. If they are, where can they be purchased? How long can these cables be before there mi

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