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Yaw Blues

After a couple Quadcopter builds, I built a Tricopter.  I thought there might be some efficiency gains, portability(folds down nice) and increased maneuverability.  

But this Yaw issue has me thinking quads again.

I used autotune and autotrim.  I still

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3dr radio connection problems

I am having trouble connecting to mavlink via 915 mhz radios.  I can load the firmware versions(1.9 ground and 1.7 air) as well as the other information (baud rate, netID, etc.) with the 3dr radio configurator version(stand alone and the one in missi

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Where can I download the 2.9.1b HEX firmware?

I am going to give the 3.x firmware a break for a while...


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Flight Lines

There is a lot of talk about waypoints - as they pertain to aerial photography... But is there any talk of flight lines?  For instance, it would be nice to have the ardupilot recognize a flight line and "nudge" to the line.  

Not sure if this has been

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APM 2.5 Quadcopter Crash

Today while flying my quad for the second time, I had a prop fall off...  The quad lawn-darted into the ground. Everything seems to be fine as far as the APM goes... I took the remaining props off and armed the APM - and held the quad at different an

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