La Crescenta, CA

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I'm a software engineer working for a NASA field center, and I work on embedded real-time software for spacecraft.

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Ken posted a discussion
I'm using the latest NG code, with 2 XBee Pros and sparkfun adaptors.  Using the X-CTU serial monitor I can send characters from my laptop's USB xbee to the xbee connected to the IMU, but the data being returned on the link is always either 0x00,…
Dec 22, 2010
Ken posted a discussion
I assembled the ArduPilot Mega and oilpan, and everything seems to work except for the GPS.  I'm using the 1Hz EM-406A, and tried connecting to both the oilpan 6-pin connector, and the ADP mega connector, but I don't get any output when running the…
Jul 18, 2010
Ken commented on Chris Anderson's blog post ArduPlane home page
"The IMU shield cannot be added to my cart in the DIY store, even though the product page says there are 3 available. Is there a trick to getting one of these?"
Jul 5, 2010