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Kimberley Attwell replied to mark bellncula's discussion Pixhawk DJI ESC Issue
"Hi Alexey,

I am currently setting up E1200 with DJI ESC and PH2.1.  I am getting a constant beep from the ESC's.  Please can you confirm what i need to set up to get these motors and ESc to opperate.
I have set MOT PWM MIN and Max values to 0 and…"
Jul 31, 2017
Kimberley Attwell replied to Kimberley Attwell's discussion Mission Planner Downloading Issues
"I am not on a VPN - good news is that I did manage to finlay get the installation files to download and they installed.  What a marathon I don't remember it being this hard.
Anyway if anyone has issues I have a copy of the latest .msi files I can…"
Jul 29, 2017
Kimberley Attwell posted a discussion
Hi Guys,i have been trying to down load Mission Planner installation files for the last two days.  First issue is that it is taking 4-5 hours to down load all of 64Mb.  There is no issue with downloading from other sites and there is no issue with…
Jul 27, 2017
Kimberley Attwell replied to Kimberley Attwell's discussion Pixhawk Over Compensating
"PIDs are all set to default.

I finally discovered my problem.  ESC were not calibrated correctly.  Very frustrating and such a silly mistake.  Basically i was calibrating the ESC all in one through the Pixhawk.  Because the ESC's were all ready…"
Jan 2, 2015
Kimberley Attwell posted a discussion
Hi Guys, i am new to this forum so hopefully i have this post in the right place.I am having a small issue with with two multi-rotors i have set up.  First machine was a quad with 14 inch props, 3508 motors, 6S AUW 2.2kgSecond machine having the…
Dec 28, 2014