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X8 Octo Quad with E1200 DJI system

I am using a RCtimer Pixhawk with RCtimer power module (6S compatible) along with a 750mm X8 frame and DJI E1200 standard propulsion system running on a 6S 10,000 multistar pack.

Running 3.3.3 latest firmware.

Futaba 8FG controller with 6303 SBUS recei

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Pixhawk and neo-7M "NO GPS"

I bought a second hand Pixhawk controller and ordered a NEO-7M from RCTimer.

I had to change the 5 pin to the 6 pin plug with the ground at pin 6. When I power on the unit it gives a quick flash of he green LED on the gps and MP shows "NO GPS".

I check

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Composite video to wifi or bluetooth

Is there a device that I can hook to the video out (yellow RCA) on my 5.8 video receiver that enables me to view the image on a tablet via WiFi or bluetooth?

Seen plenty of devices for with inputs of HDMI or even USB but nothing so far that accepts co

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Servo twitch using Futaba 8FG

I have been trying to isolate an intermittent servo twitch the last couple days. I have the APM 2.5 in an X8 running ArduPlane 2.68.

I have power going to the output rail with a 5V Castle BEC.

The twitch is very random and fairly small deflection. In m

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