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Luis replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter-3.0.1 released!
"Hello all, Not sure where to post this to get help.. with the latest code my copter get a condition where it does not use up all the battery ..  or has reduced power.. I've rolled back to  2.7.3  and the problem is gone.. I can fly the copter till…"
Nov 14, 2013
Luis replied to Jason Wise's discussion Voltage sensor calibration???
"Hello all,  I know this is an old thread put having the same problem on  APM 1.4  .. with current code.What ever value I enter into the "Measure Battery Voltage"  that's what shows... no matter what.. With no sensor connect or with different…"
Sep 4, 2013
Luis replied to Jamie Glover's discussion HELP: How to set up APM using a 5S battery configuration
"I see parkfun has a 90amp and 50volt sensor..is that what you are taking about ? The V and I sensor wires will only output up to 3.3 volt .. so the Busy End.. you 5S power will not touch the board.You will have to re-calibrated if the…"
Sep 4, 2013