About Me:

I've always had an interest in flight and robotics, and while I've only dabbled in these interests as a lad, this new technology provides the opportunity to combine both. Still consider myself a n00b. I also run an online marketing agency in Melbourne, Australia called Plankton Digital.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Just becoming a proficient LOS quad flyer on my Scarab Recon (V2) and building a Flamewheel Hex with APM 2.6 board.



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Luke Moulton commented on Paul's blog post Still cold and lot's of snow in East Canada, but was a nice day for a flight to get a 360 for real estate.
"Amazing results @Paul. Looks awesome."
Mar 12, 2014
Luke Moulton commented on Hugues's blog post How-to guide: Pixhawk auto camera trigger (without CHDK)
"Very generous of you to put so much time and effort into this post @Hugues. I recently purchased a Canon SX280 only to find CHDK is not available for it yet (my fault for not checking of course), so thanks!"
Mar 11, 2014
Luke Moulton commented on chris wilson's blog post Hobbby King has a MINI APM
"I tend to agree with many of the comments above; credit where credit is due. Competition drives innovation."
Mar 11, 2014
Luke Moulton replied to Mark Harris's discussion Warning for agriculture pilots - crash caused fire
"Always a concern, particularly here in Aus after a long hot summer. Danger duly noted."
Mar 3, 2014