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Compass offsets


I don’t know if anybody can help me or at least explain this. I had problems with the loiter (the typical toilet-bowling) so I took a look at the compass offset values. They were -175 -158 -13, out of the recommended range (-150 150), so I decided

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Is this normal?

This is the graphic of the Z acceleration of my quadcopter:

3691019398?profile=originalIt doesn't look like prety normal since I suppose it should be arround 0 instead of -1000....

Any idea what's going on?


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Donde comprar un 3DR Arducopter Hexa


Estoy empezando en el mundo de los arducopteros y el RC en general. Llevo un par de semanas empapandome de toda la información que hay por estos foros y ya tengo claro lo que quiero. Cuando ya estaba a punto de comprar el 3DR Arducopter Hexa (ki

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Newbie says hello

Hi everybody!!

Im new in this world of arducopters and RC. The reason that Im here is because I have a Gopro and I really love the videos that can be made with this little bird.

I spent last week learning and looking for information, and now I have an

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