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no connection to apm 2.6

No heartbeat, no A, B, C lights, the port is being recognized. Reset doesn't do anything. This a brand new board that hasn't been connected via battery. It just hasn't worked from the beginning. I even took it apart to look at all the components and

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The motors now offered with ARDUCOPTER have plenty of power and are reliable. I only have one issue with them. During the very first takeoff test it flipped from front to back bending the shafts on the two front motors. I tried looking for a replacem

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Optical Flow Sensor Test Sketch

How do I load the test sketch to APM? I have the latest update using AP 2.5 on it and the instructions are not specific on how to navigate to do this. I have checked the box under Hardware options. Also under the terminal window I have ran the test f

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"Failed to enter command mode"

I just got my 3DR set and I can't get them to communicate with each other. The ground radio has always be solid green with the red flashing once a sec. The Air radio has been blinking green and red as if it was searching for the ground radio. I have

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