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Inexpensive ready to fly mapping plane

I am looking to see if anyone knows of a ready to fly pixhawk based mapping plane at around the $1500 price point with camera. I know of the TuffWing at around the $2500 price point plus say 200 for the camera. I was also looking at using the RMRC An

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Deliverable 1

A Place to post and discuss Deliverable 1 for the Outback Challenge please share! for not just  people competing this year but for those competing in the future!

Deliverable 1:

Deliverable 1 should demonstrate understanding and compliance with the UAV

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UAV competitions?

I convinced my school to drop 10K on Quadrocopters and vision equipment so we could make a good run at the Sparkfun AVC this year as opposed to our pitiful attempt last year, we already assembled everything and got it working and were working ov visi

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