Inexpensive ready to fly mapping plane

I am looking to see if anyone knows of a ready to fly pixhawk based mapping plane at around the $1500 price point with camera. I know of the TuffWing at around the $2500 price point plus say 200 for the camera. I was also looking at using the RMRC Anaconda with camera and Pixhawk but would prefer somthing that's already set up.

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  • @Keeyen sells an FX61 Lite version for $1500. I'm sure he'll be able to install a pixhawk instead of APM for you.

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  • I have an Iris+ with a camera system and batteries and GPC case I will sell for $800

  • I own a ruffling and I would recommend it. I have had great success with it messing around with a pixhawk is a lot of work and if your just learning you will crash. With the frames people have posted on here they will all break apart easily when crashed. The tuffwing holds up well in crashes better than any plane built with EPO foam.

    The last thing you want to do is spend a bunch of time on money tuning a system only to crash it and have to spend all the time and money again.
  • I am developing some software and am hoping to verify it works on real hardware and while I could build 4 vehicles to test with I am hoping to spend much more time on my software as opposed to working on building and working on a buntch of my own planes.

  • What's your application?

  • Like Ecodrones said, try do it yourself. If not order it to someone who might know how to make it at that order of price.
    If you don't know anyone try your local aeroclub that you'll most certainly will find someone who will know and want to make a buck.

  • Maybe, if you build it yourself, can fit in that budget.

    In your position, I choose the best for this budget:

    Good luck!

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