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Negative relative alitude at launch

Hi there,

I've been slowly building and tuning my first quad and have noticed a small anomaly I can't figure out.

For some reason, my GPS' relative altitude is showing a negative value both before takeoff and after landing. The value is not consistent

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[Newbie] Stabilize mode question

Hi all,

I've completed a quad build using a pixhawk for flight control and have a question.

The user documentation recommends that new pilots should learn to fly in Stabilize mode prior to trying other modes so enjoyed my inaugural lift-off the other d

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Battery connection on wft09

Hi all,

I've been a longtime lurker on these fantastic forums however have not had the knowledge to really be helpfully contributive.... yet.

I've run into a really basic problem that I'm hoping for some help on.  It's so basic that it's a little embar

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