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Matthew Fisk commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Ionic Thrusters for Drone Propulsion?
"Deep Space 1 used a type of Ion Thruster and that was 14 years ago.  But then again the thrust on that thing was only (like) 1/50th of a pound, great for space not so good for here on earth."
Apr 10, 2013
Matthew Fisk commented on Joshua Ott's blog post Failure is an option
"This Idea is way out there and slightly crazy but here it goes.
Build a frame that has lots of small flaps that when air is applied to the top (or with very low pressure on the bottom) they stay open.  But when air pressure is applied to the bottom…"
Jan 7, 2013
Matthew Fisk commented on Konstantins Popiks's photo
"Nice! How strong is the engine on this thing?"
Jan 3, 2013