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21, Electrician :)

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Seaford, Victoria, Australia

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Matthew Peter replied to Hein du Plessis's discussion XBee with 80km range?
"For people saying it's illegal...Can you honestly say that you care? i wouldn't give a shit.Cops have got no idea, and i doubt the FCC is driving around sporting ovals and paddocks looking for people over the power limit."
May 2, 2012
Matthew Peter left a comment on Telemetry over cellular IP
"Thank you for providing the link to this!I will be purchasing the 3G module and begin testing next week.I will let you know how i go :)
May 2, 2012
Matthew Peter replied to Andreas M. Antonopoulos's discussion Cellular Modem library development in Telemetry over cellular IP
"Recently found this http://www.cooking-hacks.com/index.php/documentation/tutorials/ardu...
Could this possible be a new way of thinking? as it includes a camera on the shield itself, and is arduino compatible.And best of all, the first 3G shield..."
May 1, 2012
Matthew Peter replied to Matthew Peter's discussion Telemetry via 3G/GPRS + Video feed
"Also, before people start commenting saying that it wouldn't be viable because of cost of 3G data.. < I don't care about cost.And about reception; here in Australia we have 3G coverage in 95% of the country so that's not an issue, especially as it's…"
May 1, 2012
Matthew Peter posted a discussion
Hi there.A complete newbie to the drone scene, although have a few R/C aircrafts. I'll be looking to purchase APM2 shortly but have a question regarding telemetry.I have searched around but havn't found much on the topic.I've recently found the…
May 1, 2012